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The Omega Church International


“Welcome to the Neighborhood Church” Let us introduce Ourselves!

The Ωmega Church has 280 Global Churches

We are a Nondenominational Christian Church For All Nations

—It’s a great pleasure writing to you today. I bring you peace from the Lord Jesus Christ, and grace from God the Father. Welcome to The Omega Church. The Omega Church International Ministries & The Omega Hope, Helping Other People Excel. We Are A Non for profit 501c3 Religious Organization in Florida helping needy families at risk & saving Souls for Jesus Christ. — —We shelter homeless families, abused children; daily free grocery give away feeding Thousands of families daily. Back to school drive, Thanks Giving Dinner, Toy Drive helping needy children to get a toy for Christmas, Daily hot meals, community counseling, Rental assistance, FP&L Assistance, and more.

Please consider becoming a part of The Omega Family, thank you. — —We have 280 global churches, helping one family at a time in Jesus Christ Name. We thank you for all your hard work and for all your support to The Omega Church International Ministry; we are a Nondenominational Christian Church that is helping one family at a time; we desire to see families restored, hope returned home with joy, and bridges mended, one family at a time. We are one family under God, having one hope, one future and one destiny to see families transform into love.

Love the person next to you from a different culture & nationality, The Omega Church is a family church with people from every walk of ethnicities making the Omega Church an international shelter of hope. Your dreams are not made by you, but are made for you, you the members are not made to last; but are made to outlast. Keep trying, keep standing, keep believing, and don’t put limits on God. You will overcome, one test at a time, because if God is for you; who can be against you.   —Sincerely, Archbishop John Wayne & Pastor Elizabeth Manning.

Welcome To The Ωmega Church International Ministry.