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Today: Sep 20, 2014



You have stayed Here Long Enough Move Past Your Mountain" June 13, 2010 Print


You have stayed Here Long Enough, Move Past Your Mountain"

TODAY'S SCRIPTURE "…you have stayed long enough at this mountain"
(Duet 1:6 ) 06/13/2010

TODAY'S WORD from Johnathan & Elizabeth

Jesus Christ said; Speak to your Mountain & it will remove. So what is this mountain? This Mountain is that thing that gave you sleepless nights, problems, hurts, sadness that kept holding you back. Let me ask you, do you go out each day knowing that favor is already in your future? Or have you gotten stuck in a rut staring at a mountain of disappointment, setbacks or difficulty? Stock up 7 chairs for 7 days example that represent 7 days of mountains in your life. Day 1 is Stress -Day 2 is Bills-Day 3 is Fights-Day 4 is Loneliness -Day 5 is Depression-Day 6 is Breakup the family-Day 7 Unhappiness. God is going to move all these mountains, if you trust him.

Enough is enough, that's what happened to the people of Israel. They were headed toward their promised land. They had big goals and big dreams, but along the way they hit some setbacks and had some disappointments. They got so discouraged that they gave up on their dreams and just settled where they were. One day God said to them, "You have dwelt long enough on this mountain." He was saying, "It's time to move past this and embrace the blessing in your future."

Be determine to move past this mountain, I believe God is saying that to each one of us today. You've been where you are long enough. God is saying, "This is a new day. Get your fire back. Where you are is not where you're supposed to stay." If you'll be determined to move past your mountain, He will lead you and empower you to live in favor and blessing in every area of your life! Mountain of Drugs, Bad Habits, fights, sickness, hurts, crying and suffering, move past this Mountain now. Joshua Had to walk around his mountain 7 Times to get a Breakthrough, and you may need to do the same today.


Heavenly Father, I give to You every area of my heart. I give You my questions, my disappointments, my doubts and fears. I choose to trade my sorrow for Your joy. I choose to press past my mountains so I can embrace the promises You have in store for me. In Jesus' Name. Amen. Please become a Financial Partner with The Omega Church by going into WWW.THEOMEGACHURCH.COM. Then go to DONATION.