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Global Diocese

Welcome to Omega Church Global Diocese. We help ministry globally with their ministry planning, revivals, growth, and to establish a better church in Jesus Christ name. You are able to use your own church name, or become Omega. We are here to help your ministry get to the next level...

With 281 global church, we are able to help make a difference in your ministry... Be apart of this family...Contact our office for further information, sincerely, Archbishop Manning

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Starting a New Church for Free

Starting a New Church is hard work; therefore, we will visit you; sit with the Pastors/ministers; Appoint/Ordain him/her to one of the five fold office; find a suitable location; establish a feasible budget; write your bylaws; write a grant to the federal government; establish the right-hand of fellowship portfolio; setup your letterhead; assign an Omega Church email account; find musicians, run a revival for souls, baptize those that need to be baptized immediately; and start the first church service before we return to the headquarter in the U.S. . All these initial training are free; however, you are responsible to accommodate the Archbishop during his visit. He will work with you directly from the U.S. to get all these legal church opening procedures done without traveling to your region in most cases, because his schedule is so busy.  He will establish all your local government Licenses to get the ministry open right away, and he will be your overseer under The Omega Church International Ministry Charter.

Please feel free to contact the Headquarters for further information or email us at office 954-773-8377 ..Sincere thanks,

Church Secretary Elizabeth & ArchBishop/ Apostle Wayne Johnathan Manning.


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