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Our History

When God purposed Johnathan Wayne Manning's life, he {CHUCKLED} to himself, because he knew that he was about to bring forth a male child, who would truly exemplify the beatitudes no matter his successes or failures.


Born into adversity, social, and economic hardships in Mocho Clarendon Jamaica in a Christian home, Wayne Johnathan Manning AKA. John Wayne Manning, knew at an early age, that he had to find a way to break the generational curses that inhibited his people from attaining and living at their fullest potential. So, he decided that he wanted to become a part of the solution, that he could help bring about the necessary social changes not only locally, but globally.

Upon completion at Lennon  High School in Clarendon Jamaica, Johnathan knew that if he wanted to make a semblance of a difference to his community, and the world, he would have to pursue a higher form of education to first better himself. So, with his mother's blessing, he left the Island of Jamaica and migrated to the Cayman Islands in pursuit of a college education at Day Springs University. It was there he experienced another form of social injustice- racism/discrimination because of his immigration status.

After accomplishing this first leg of his journey, he decided to return home, but with an insistent mother "Ruby Morris", who saw the intensity of the call of God on her son's life, she persuaded Johnathan to leave Jamaica once again, to follow his spiritual calling. This second phase of his journey took Johnathan to the Netherlands Antilles, which proved to be the turning point for him and his acceptance of the awesome gift that was about to be birthed.

Whilst there, an evil letter was mailed to him, which upon his roommate opening it, instantaneously the young man fell dead. Realizing the significance of what had just happened, and that the intent was primarily for him, Johnathan quickly packed and relocated to another house, which happened to be situated directly across from a small church; which would become his sanctuary for the duration of his stay on the island. This Island brought much joy for Johnathan, for it was here that he established his first 3 businesses, authored his first book, and last but not least, met his beautiful wife Elizabeth; Who would later bless him with three beautiful children after migrating to New York, and then to Florida.


After many years in New York, fulfilling his ministerial duties, and publishing 2 more books, upon returning from a book signing/Evangelism tour in the United Kingdom in 2003, Johnathan experienced a life changing visitation from God, which manifested itself through a dream. The revelation of what was required of him in this dream was so intense, that it frightened him. In 2004 after much soul searching, rejection, criticism, and insult from friends and family whom he thought would encourage him to follow the call; Armed with a celestial vision, faith, and his beautiful wife Elizabeth's blessing, Johnathan got on a plane, and flew to his prescribed destination, which was broward County, Florida to start a nondenominational church, that was to be called "Omega" like in the book of Revelation 1:11, as was required of him by God.

Upon his arrival into the Fort Lauderdale airport, he had no definitive directions, the only thing he could remember, after seeing a Motel Six whilst in a cab driving down highway I-95, was the commercial "We'll always keep the light on for you". It was at this motel that he stayed, and prayed for directions. Within a few weeks, girded with his faith, and a degree in business, Johnathan was able to secure a managerial position with Walgreen's. Eventually, he became financially stable enough, to bring his wife and two small children to Florida. By this time, Johnathan was ready to start the promised Church, called 'Omega". In 2004, The Omega Church was birthed  in a public park building in Carver Ranch Hollywood, Florida. A year later, Johnathan purchased a 3000 square foot building in the City of Sunrise Florida, which he divided into the church as well as a grocery store. This new church with its accessibility to food, would later become the catalyst for the ministries’ feeding program.

Still facing many hardships pursuant to fulfilling the call on his life, Johnathan continued to follow the directives given to him by God. One of the hardest was for him to leave his Walgreens job with a salary of $50,000 per annum, for that of the church, which was only $500.00 per month, and becoming totally reliant on God and the ministry. It took Johnathan awhile to relinquish his total dependency on Walgreen's, but when he did, he never looked back. In 2007, he and his entire family were subjected to one of the most egregious ordeals. Just before the store was set to close, 3 masked gunmen walked in with an AK47 Assault rifle, 9 millimeter handgun, and a sword off shotgun. Satan had a plan, he truly wanted Johnathan's life that night, but mercy said no. As one of the gunmen breached the office security where Johnathan was, he placed the 9mil in Johnathan's, chest massaging it first, as if to let Johnathan know, he had his life in his hands. The gunman, eventually pulled the trigger twice without any success. Each time, the gun jammed.

"BUT GOD". After leaving with whatever they could steal, Johnathan rushed to secure his family, and contact the police. This miraculous ordeal was so unbelievable, that after TruTV heard about it, they came out to investigate, and document the event. Bishop Manning still receives calls from around the world, encouraging him to share his testimony. After much fasting and praying, the Lord told him to close the store and utilize the entire building for the ministry. This move would bring about, much losses to him, many who could not see the vision left the church.

God did not forget Johnathan, and his obedience nor his sacrifices. To date, 13 years since its inception, The Omega Ministry, occupies a three story building located in Oakland Park FL., debt free. WOIB Radio Omega 101.9 FM is one of many radio stations housed there, along with a recording studio. The membership has grown exponentially, and the blessings are still manifesting themselves. His wife Elizabeth, now also an ordained minister, shares the pulpit with him. "Look at God"



· Founder of the Omega Church International 2004

· Invited to the White house to prayer on the National Day of Prayer 2012

· Founder of the Omega Church Diocese with 288 members and counting

· Holds two Bachelor's degrees Business/Ministry

· Author of 3 books: The Omega Chapter, One world Order for Planet Earth, 2. The Journey of England & America/The Journey of Ephraim & Manasseh 3.Obama The Great Book from a Prophetic Perspective

· Founder of The Omega Church  Broadcasting Network

· Founder of Radio(s) WOIB FLL 2015 and many more global stations..

· Founder of Omega Church Outreach: Feeding, Clothing, Counseling, Mentoring, and Ministerial services, Immigration information/Help

· Founder of Omega Church Online Radio

· Founder of online Omega Christian Social Website

· Guest Pastor at TBN Pembroke Pines, FL. 2017


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